Hi, we are InfoWheels®.

Your smart solution in roadshows.

InfoWheels® is your smart-driven roadshow solution that facilitates touching brand experiences within the environment of your target group. We promise we will be making the difference with our smart-driven approach that sets you behind the wheel of the largest mobile promotion unit for a category B driver’s license.


Impress your environment.

Meet our self driven roadshow solutions.

InfoWheels® are small, but extremely eye-catching, promotion vehicles which can be driven with a standard car license B. InfoWheels® offers different kind of roadshow solutions that impress and enhances contact with your target group. Based upon your needs, we translate your wishes into a roadshow solution to strengthen your brand awareness, relevance and success wherever you decide to go. You want to know which InfoWheels® will suit your brand? Find your kind of smart roadshow solution here!

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Smart thinking.

In control of everything with your self driven roadshow.

Get behind the wheel of the largest mobile promotion unit for a category B driver’s license. InfoWheels® promises you the difference with our smart approach that puts you in control of everything. That requires reliable and supportive roadshow solutions that stand for touching brand experiences, with a self-driven quality standard, that will fit your needs. Check our self-driven quality standards below and put yourself in control!

Drive it yourself drive_icon

No need to hire a professional driver. You, your staff, or anyone with a regular driving license (category B) can get behind the wheel of this multi-functional mobile unit.

Self-sufficient and environmentally-friendlyfriendly_icon

Drive your roadshows environmentally-friendly with our Euro 6 engines and regulate the acceptable limit for exhaust emissions for new vehicles in Europe. InfoWheels® are fully self-supporting units. The optional combination of solar panels and an extra-large battery package will provide you with sufficient, reliable and eco-friendly energy.

Low costcost_icon

InfoWheels® are our largest promotion vehicles you are allowed to drive yourself with a category B drivers license. Next to their relatively small size and easy set-up, you decide where and when to set up this easy, low cost, multi-functional unit.


Use InfoWheels® for your specific mobile marketing, retail, communication or advertising needs. The InfoWheels® modular interior options create convenient combinations for various purposes.

Easy setupsetup_icon

Save on lost construction time. It only takes five minutes to set up the Event InfoWheels® unit, giving you and your team more time to interact with consumers.


Help on hand.

Support your InfoWheels ® when needed.

InfoWheels® is a roadshow solution. Our services are meaningful to your needs and work by the pay-what-you-use principle: you will not be charged for things you don’t use. In addition to your own input, InfoWheels® offers a range of meaningful services that strengthen your roadshow wherever necessary. Want to learn about your options? Please feel free to contact one of our professional InfoWheels® dealers.

Professional expertise

  • Maintenance & tire service
  • Repair service
  • Insurance package

Rental support

  • Promo tools & team
  • Food & beverage
  • Signing & stickering

Technical installations

  • Audio & visual devices
  • Solar power unit
  • Interior engineering

Tailored wishes

  • Modular interior design
  • Custom made vehicle design
  • Signing & branding design

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Suit yourself.

Create your own InfoWheels® within a minute.

Convince your team, boss, or client with the help of an InfoWheels® artist rendering. Follow the four steps below and you can create some impactful visuals for your presentation. Good luck!

1 Upload your logo
2 Pick your colour
3 Select rental period
4 Print your InfoWheels


More info.

Contact your nearest professional InfoWheels® dealer.

InfoWheels® is available within a European dealer network, with InfoWheels® service-points in several countries.
Contact your InfoWheels® dealer below for more information.

netherlands-flag-round-large The Netherlands

EventRent BV

Reactorweg 45
3542 AD Utrecht
+31 8888 22 111

germany-flag-round-large Mitte-Deutschland

The Rainbow Promotion GmbH

Linnenstraße 77
33699 Bielefeld
+49 (0)5202 98 05 0

germany-flag-round-large Süd-Deutschland

ShowTruck Marketing GmbH

Büssingstraße 1
D – 64859 Eppertshausen
+49 (0)6071 508 99 90

united-kingdom-flag-round-large United Kingdom

The Events Structure Limited

Central Building Carrington Business Park
Manchester Road
Carrington M31 4DD
+44(0)161 821 1010

france-flag-round-large Centre de la France

EventRent France

26 Av. du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
+33 970 730 245

italy-flag-round-large Italia

Business&Roads srl

Via Monte Rosa 9/13
20010 Vittuone (MI)
+39 02 33 405 127


Expomobil AB

Metallvägen 50
+46 8 98 05 05



23 Nicolae C. Tomescu
1st Floor
050595 Bucharest
+40 21 311 61 47



Fritz Fröhlin Support GmbH
Fännring 1/Südportal
6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
+41 79 214 4581


Become an official InfoWheels® dealer

Please send an e-mail to

  • Young Originals

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • SNS Bank

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • A.S.O.

    InfoWheels® Smart Merchandiser

  • Beko

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • Adidas

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • Bayer

    InfoWheels® Smart Trainer

  • Riverwood

    InfoWheels® Smart Merchandiser

  • Bodyscan

    InfoWheels® Smart Consultor

  • Eaton

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • The North Face

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • PPG

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor

  • VAHA

    InfoWheels® Smart Promotor


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