Smart thinking.

In control of everything with your self driven roadshow.

Get behind the wheel of the largest mobile promotion unit for a category B driver’s license. InfoWheels® promises you the difference with our smart approach that puts you in control of everything. That requires reliable and supportive roadshow solutions that stand for touching brand experiences, with a self-driven quality standard, that will fit your needs. Check our self-driven quality standards below and put yourself in control!

Drive it yourself drive_icon

No need to hire a professional driver. You, your staff, or anyone with a regular driving license (category B) can get behind the wheel of this multi-functional mobile unit.

Self-sufficient and environmentally-friendlyfriendly_icon

Drive your roadshows environmentally-friendly with our Euro 6 engines and regulate the acceptable limit for exhaust emissions for new vehicles in Europe. InfoWheels® are fully self-supporting units. The optional combination of solar panels and an extra-large battery package will provide you with sufficient, reliable and eco-friendly energy.

Low costcost_icon

InfoWheels® are our largest promotion vehicles you are allowed to drive yourself with a category B drivers license. Next to their relatively small size and easy set-up, you decide where and when to set up this easy, low cost, multi-functional unit.


Use InfoWheels® for your specific mobile marketing, retail, communication or advertising needs. The InfoWheels® modular interior options create convenient combinations for various purposes.

Easy setupsetup_icon

Save on lost construction time. It only takes five minutes to set up the Event InfoWheels® unit, giving you and your team more time to interact with consumers.

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